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more clear-cut). In human phrases, this may appear itself through trying to "bribe" human beings into liking them, doing favors for others to get favors back, chasing women that they may be attached to and an entire bunch of other things. Beta Velsan XLs are surely categorized by means of their passivity to any given scenario. Velsan XL What additionally follows is that the beta Velsan XL will resort to again stabbing, gossip, and whining while he would not get his manner. Now that we have that hooked up, we can see the basis for why the alpha Velsan XL and the beta Velsan XL range in the risk branch. If a Velsan XL goes to be an alpha Velsan XL, which means that he will put himself in risk's manner, and open himself as much as more risks. Frankly, who risks greater than the leader of a set? Reflect onconsideration on the officer .